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17.5" Tapped Dehner Boots

These Dehner boots are stock (not custom). I've had them for a long time, and through a Bootbud met through HotBoots Boots On Line, I arranged for taps to be added to the toe and heel of the soles. Man, these boots sound really hot! However, I can't wear them while riding my Harley because they slide and have no traction at all. But they're good for wear for times when I enjoy being heard.

Check out some YouTube videos of me in my tapped Dehner boots.
Be sure to turn the sound up on your computer so you can hear the sound they make.

Here are some stills from one of the videos

Dehner Boots with Steel Taps

Dehner Boots and Leather

Enjoying Tapped Dehner Boots

Tapped Dehner Boots

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