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Effingham Uniform Boots

I bought these boots in 1981 in Los Angeles, California.

They have a bal-laced instep like Dehner Patrol Boots. (I realize they are laced incorrectly in the photos below.)

Effingham Boots were a style made by Bond Boot Company from Burbank, California. The gentleman that owned the company died unexpectedly in the 1990s. His family closed the business and sold off all the stock and equipment. The equipment was purchased by a former employee who now operates "All American Boot Mfg" of Sun Valley, California.

These boots are for sale -- Details below

USA-made by Effingham Boots (no longer in business).

Size: US 10.5D

Calf circumference: 14.5 (inside around) inches at top, 16.5 inches at mid-calf on outside.


Wear: well-worn. Laces require replacement. Very good shape for vintage boots.

Price: US$150 plus shipping. Pay via Paypal only. Write to me to make arrangements.

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