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Harley-Davidson Harness Boots

I like harness boots for their appearance as rugged, masculine boots. The photos below are of four pairs of harness boots with the Harley-Davidson logo on them which I received as gifts or bought myself -- long before I realized how poorly these boots are made and how quickly they wear out. (See the review on the boots knowledgebase.)

A fifth pair of similar boots with lug soles has a separate page on this website (link).

These boots have seen lots and lots of wear. Too bad they're so short (11"). I wear them mostly now when doing yard work.

Note: all of the boots shown below have been discontinued and are not available new for purchase.

Pair 1: 1975 knock-off harness boots from source I do not remember any more.

Pair 2: 1989 knock-off harness boots that my partner purchased for me from Bargain Outfitters.

Pairs 3 and 4: 2002 Harley-Davidson "MegaHarness" boots that I bought at a Harley-Davidson dealership on a "buy one pair, get one pair free" sale.

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