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Thorogood Station Boots

These boots are made by Thorogood, a division of Weinbrenner Shoe Company which is based in Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. This is where the boots are made.

These boots about 9 inches tall. The sole is 1 inch and the boot from the top of the heel to the top of the shaft is 8 inches. The boots are made from a combination of black smooth high shine leather on the vamp (foot) and full grain padded leather on the upper (shaft). In my opinion, this combination looks weird, and not nearly as good as the Chippewa firefighter boot

The sole is not made by Vibram, but is made from lightweight polyurethane. The sole is claimed to be oil- and slip-resistant in a mini-grid pattern. The shank is made from fiberglass.

My overall opinion: these boots perform as designed, but many cheap shortcuts were made in their construction so they are not nearly as good value for the price paid compared with Chippewa or All American station boots.

Information and photos illustrating how to lace these boots is on the Boots Wiki, here. This includes the lacing instructions that came with these boots. (I lace them following the loose fit pattern.)

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