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Wesco Roughout
Harness Boots

The West Coast Shoe Company (Wesco) began to offer different colors and textures of leather for boots in 2009. I noticed that they were offering "roughout" leather, which is having the rough side of the hide facing out, instead of the smooth side. I think that texture of leather is good-looking, and unusual.

I was intrigued by seeing that they offered color choices in burgundy, as well. So I created the ultimate, one-of-a-kind, tri-colored tall Wesco harness boot.

These boots are 19" tall, and were made custom to fit. They feature a burgundy roughout foot, brown roughout shaft, and smooth brown leather for the harness straps and back stay. Brass hardware and two top straps finish the design. The boots are lined with khaki-colored leather. The soles are big lug Vibram®100R, which will not leave black melt marks on my Harley's exhaust pipes.

Unfortunately, when I received the boots, I found that Wesco had measured them incorrectly and they didn't fit. I had to return the boots to Wesco and the company had to make them again. I regret hearing many stories now about Wesco having a number of problems in getting the sizing right for custom boots. Wesco admitted their mistake in my case and made entire new boots for me, which look great and fit perfectly!

See these boots in action on the Harley

First pair of incorrectly measured boots: notice the narrow shaft. That was the problem. I specified a 17" calf circumference. The first pair of boots had a 15.75" calf circumference. No way they would fit!

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