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My Allen Edmonds
Dress Boots

Since about 2012, I have been wearing dress boots in addition to my regular mix of cowboy and motorcycle boots.

I like Allen Edmonds for their comfort, style, craftsmanship, and that they are made in the USA. While Allen Edmonds is mostly known for dorky-looking dress shoes, they do make dress boots that work well with my anti-shoe style.

Note: I have never purchased Allen Edmonds boots at full price. Sign up for their email list and wait for sales. They offer sales overstock and seconds rather often. All of my "casual boots" below were seconds. Disparities noted are only in uneven dye job between both boots, which is mostly not noticeable.

These are the Allen Edmonds boots in my personal boot collection which I wear regularly. A full index of all of my dress boots is here.

Allen Edmonds Smokin'

Allen Edmonds Smokin'

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