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Page last updated September 15, 2017.

I began to buy and wear leather when I bought my first motorcycle at age 18. I started as most guys do with leather jackets, vests, and biker chaps, and plenty of motorcycle boots. As I became more confident wearing leather, I also acquired several pairs of leather pants and jeans, cloth and leather breeches, plus some leather accessories. I also have some leathers that serve a dual purpose for both function as biker leathers and also as fetish wear: all-leather shirts.

Each pic below is a link to pages on this website that show the gear. Use the navigation links in the blocks above or scroll down to see my biker leathers.

Ballistic Nylon Mesh Jackets

Revit AT-G Jacket
White Hi-Vis
Summerweight Jacket
Rev'IT Tornado
Hi-Vis Lime
Mesh Jacket
Aerotek Jacket
Aerotek Hi-Vis
Summerweight Jacket

Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Leather & Denim Jeans and Pants

Leather & Protective Denim Jeans For Wear When Riding My Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Sliders Jeans
Sliders Protective
Denim Jeans
Fox Creek Leather Overpants
Fox Creek
Leather Overpants
Regular Leather Jeans
Leather Jeans
Naked Leather Pants
Black "Naked"
Leather Jeans

Multi-purposes leather gear (for riding my Harley or for leather fetish purposes)

Cloth and Leather Breeches

Cloth Breeches

Leather or Neoprene Breeches

Motorcycle Chaps

Leather Motorcycle Vests

Leather Shirts


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