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Blue Leather Police Shirt

Not all leatherwear has to be black. This hot looking short-sleeved blue shirt is actually worn by police in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -- with navy leather pants, too! When I saw this shirt in 1996 on a hot young Aussie Bike Cop, I made a note that I wanted to get one. I got this one from Mr. S. Leather of San Francisco, California.

I like these features: drum-died leather, so the color will stay permanently on the shirt, and not turn me into a Smurf when I sweat; black leather accents on the left and right pockets, epaulets, and neck; long tails so it stays tucked in when active while wear it; and superb craftsmanship.

I did not like the snaps that came with it. After several years, the snaps became loose and would unsnap when I wore it. I had a zipper installed by a luggage repair shop in December, 2009. The zipper runs on the inside of the front and holds it closed so it looks sharp!

Blue Leather Shirt Blue Leather Shirt
Blue Leather Shirt Blue Leather Shirt

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