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Dehner Boot Fetish

Gay men who enjoy leather, aka "Leathermen," frequently choose to wear tall black Dehner Boots. These boots make a stunning, commanding, and sexy masculine appearance that Leathermen like to portray. Dehners are damn sexy boots. Worn by cops (who gay men frequently lust after), and also by gay men who enjoy uniforms and cop play, Dehners have inspired much "boot lust" for many men over many years.

I bought my first pair of Dehner boots in the 1980s and enjoyed them so much, the boots were quickly damaged beyond repair. Sex, wet uniforms, leather lust, cock-and-boot action... all these things that a young healthy sexually-active gay man would do was thoroughly enjoyed with, on, and while wearing Dehners. I now own more pairs of Dehner boots that I wear often (and enjoy otherwise.)

Following are pages that demonstrate various passions and versions of a Dehner Boot fetish.

Bal-laced Dehner Boots and leather Bal-Laced Dehner Boots and Leather. I enjoy wearing Bal-Laced Dehner Boots with leather jeans or breeches tucked into them. The overall look is tough, masculine, and downright sexy.
Dress Instep Dehner Boots and leather Dress Instep Dehner Boots and Leather. Dress instep Dehners are smooth and sexy. I enjoy wearing these boots with leather.
Dehner Boots and breeches Dehner Boots and Leather Breeches. Dehners look great in tight motorcycle leather breeches. Woof!
Dehner Boots and uniform Dehner Boots and a Uniform. Nothin' spells "command and control" for a masculine gay leatherman to wear a cop uniform with Dehners. I got my first replica cop uniform (CHP) in the early 1990s and a full leather LAPD replica cop uniform in 2008. I have worn both uniforms often while playing with my partner.
Dehner Boots and formal BLUF gear Dehner Boots and formal BLUF gear. Dehner boots were made to go with formal BLUF leather gear.
Dehner Boots and Muir Cap Dehner Boots and Muir Cap. Dehner boots, full leather, Muir cap -- the leatherman in me wears them all.
Dehner Boots and Gloves Dehner Boots and Gloves. Leathermen wear tight leather gloves, full leather, and Dehners. I like to wear cop search gloves with full leather.
Dehner Boots and motorcycle Dehner Boots and a Motorcycle. A completely leather clad biker wearing Dehners on a motorcycle is a frequent image in many gay images and videos. I wear Dehners often while riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
Dehner Boots Dehner Boot Collection. Over the years, I have purchased and worn many pairs of Dehner Boots. These are the Dehners in my current boot collection. (G-rated photos.)
My Dehner Boot Videos My Dehner Boot Videos. I used to make many videos and have posted them on YouTube. This page shows all of my Dehner-related videos.
Dehner Boots and Marlboro Dehner Boots and a Marlboro. Leathermen smoking a Marlboro in Dehners are a frequent sight at gatherings of like-minded men (club runs, leather events). Sexy tall black boots, full leather, and a cloud of Marlboro smoke is a sexy image for many men. Being a smoker, I enjoy a Marlboro or two while wearing leather and Dehners.
Dehner Boots Uniform Smoking Dehner Boots, a Marlboro, and a Uniform. Nothin' hotter than a smokin' cop or wearing a fetish uniform while smoking Marlboros.
Dehner Boots Marlboro and Langlitz Dehner Boots, a Marlboro, and Langlitz leather. Smokin' in Dehners and a tough Langlitz motorcycle jacket is a frequent thing I do.
Dehner Boots and cigar Dehner Boots and a Cigar. Dehner-wearing Leathermen enjoy a good cigar. I don't smoke cigars often, but when I do, I enjoy leathering up and wearing my Dehners while smokin' a stogie.
Dirty Dehner Boots Splashin' Mud -- Dirty Dehner Boots. Just out for a ride on my Harley, stopped for a smoke at a local mudhole.
Dehner Boots and getting wet Dehner Boots and Gettin' Wet. Sometimes it is fun and sexually stimulating to get wet, either while swimming or soaking in a tub, while wearing leather or a uniform and Dehner Boots. I don't do that often, but sometimes I have.
Dehner Boots and cum Cum-stained Dehner Boots. Cum-covered Dehner boots look damn sexy.

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