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Uniform Duty Belt

I have been asked on occasion how to assemble and what goes on a duty belt that goes with a cop uniform. A duty belt is a second belt that is held onto (over) an underbelt with small leather strips with snap closures called keepers. The underbelt holds up your pants, and the duty belt holds accessories. Following are photos of my duty belt and its accessories, which include:

  • Keepers -- four single keepers and one double. You put the double in the back, and two of the single keepers on each side.
  • Handcuff holder and handcuffs
  • Pocket knife
  • Zippo lighter case
  • Key chain and keys for my Harley
  • Baton holder, and in my case, it holds a flashlight because wearing a baton is against the law (in the U.S.) if you're not a bonafide cop.
  • Leather handcuff case -- ideal for a cell phone
  • Information about where to get the duty belt and accessories is on my page about assembling a CHP uniform, here.

    CHP Motor Officer Uniform -- Duty Belt Demonstration and Explanation

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