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German-style Carpenter Leather Jeans
by Mr. S. Leather of San Francisco

Leathermen appreciate well-made leather gear that is both practical as well as sexual. These leather jeans were introduced by Mr. S. Leather in about 2012. They are made of thick (7 - 9 oz) leather. They have five pockets -- two on the front, two on the sides, and one on the right rear. These jeans are made with brass hardware and leather reinforcements around the zippers and pockets in the pattern of the carpenter jeans that were made popular in Germany.

But what makes these jeans sexy is that these jeans have a sailor front flap secured by two brass zippers. The primary waist closure zips closed to keep things looking nice and clean when the sailor front is up. Simply unzip the two zips on each side and enjoy hot leather sex with your man.


Marlboro Leatherman
Marlboro Leatherman
Marlboro Leatherman

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