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Muir cap head & shoulder pics

Here are more pics of me in my Muir Cap on this website. Just click on the image to see that page.

Low-Peak Muir Cap

High-Peak Muir Cap

Hi-Peak Eagle Pin Muir cap

Muir cap with leather

Muir cap with uniform

Muir cap head shots

Muir cap with t-shirts

Dehner Boots
and Muir Cap

Dehner Boots, a
Marlboro and Uniform

Muir cap and Marlboro

Tom of Finland
Style Smoker

Muir Cap, Gloved
Marlboro Smokin'

Black and Tan
Leather Uniform

Sailor Leather

Smokin' in
Full Leather

Formal BLUF

Smokin' Reds
in Langlitz Jacket

Smokin' in Langlitz
and Dehner Boots

Eagle-Pin Muir Cap
Langlitz & Leather

Smokin' in Dress Shirt
Leather Tie & Leather Pants

Smokin' Reds
in red/black leather

Smokin' in Gloves

Smokin' in Gloves
and Dehner Boots

Smokin' in tall
Black Boots

Smokin' Reds in
Leather Ties

Smokin' in
Black & White

Cigar Smokin'

Cigar Smokin'
Dehner Boots

Leather Fetish Gear


Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Boots

Work Boots

Cowboy Boots

Dress Boots