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Leatherman's Eagle-Pin
Muir Cap

My authentic all leather Muir Cap provides a tough-looking appearance for a dominant (top) man like me.

This cap is reconfigured from combining elements of two Muir Caps that I have owned: My low-brim cap and my high-peak cap. My high-peak cap fit my head better, but the low-brim hat had a chrome band across the front and an eagle pin that I got in Australia in 1996.

In 2015, I moved the hardware from the low-brim cap to the high-peak cap, so this reconfigured Muir Cap has everything I want: chrome, eagle pin, chain across the top, and a better fit.

If you are a Top or want to have that tough-guy Leather Top image, this is the cap to wear. Read my Complete Guide to Leather Gear, in particular the section on how to behave and act as a Leatherman for more information.

Do you want one of these caps? Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

Here are more pics of me in my Muir Cap on this website. Just click on the image to see that page.

Low-Peak Muir Cap

High-Peak Muir Cap

Hi-Peak Eagle Pin Muir cap

Muir cap with leather

Muir cap with uniform

Muir cap head shots

Muir cap with t-shirts

Dehner Boots
and Muir Cap

Dehner Boots, a
Marlboro and Uniform

Muir cap and Marlboro

Tom of Finland
Style Smoker

Muir Cap, Gloved
Marlboro Smokin'

Black and Tan
Leather Uniform

Sailor Leather

Smokin' in
Full Leather

Formal BLUF

Smokin' Reds
in Langlitz Jacket

Smokin' in Langlitz
and Dehner Boots

Eagle-Pin Muir Cap
Langlitz & Leather

Smokin' in Dress Shirt
Leather Tie & Leather Pants

Smokin' Reds
in red/black leather

Smokin' in Gloves

Smokin' in Gloves
and Dehner Boots

Smokin' in tall
Black Boots

Smokin' Reds in
Leather Ties

Smokin' in
Black & White

Cigar Smokin'

Cigar Smokin'
Dehner Boots

The most frequently asked question I have received is where to find a Muir Cap like this. As I said above, the store where I bought this cap is no longer in business. Nowadays you will only see new "Muir Style" (knock-off) caps for sale at various leather events. However, someone sent me an email and told me that the manufacturer, Muir Cap & Regalia, Ltd., is still in business and can make a hat like this in about eight weeks. I don't know how much they would charge for it. This is a link to their official website.

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