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Sailor Leather Pants

These black leather pants are for kinky fun. They feature a snap front closure with snaps along the top forming a front flap hiding an easy access crotch cutout. If made to complete specs, these leather pants would have an opening along the back seam, closed with lacing. That opening is designed for easy access to the rear.

These pants were made by Northbound Leather of Toronto, Canada. I asked them to sew the rear seam closed when they made these custom for me. Read my FAQs if you have to know why I'm not into "access from the rear" (nor is my spouse.) The other change I had made was that I requested a straight leg rather than bell-bottom. Then I can wear them inside boots if I want.

These leather pants feel great worn without underwear, and easily show the hard-on I get when I wear them. All my spouse has to do is unsnap a few snaps, and...

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