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Short-Sleeved Leather Shirt

I picked up this short-sleeved leather shirt from a friend who was giving away his former partner's leather gear. His partner just left one day and has been gone five years. He never heard from him again and can't find him (strange). My friend decided to give away his former partner's few leather garments, including this Rubio leather shirt. It fits great, and is almost new. My friend said his partner only had it a month before he left. (Please don't email me for my friend's contact info; he said that all the leather gear he was giving away is spoken for.)

This shirt is just a plain old black short-sleeved police-style shirt. It has epaulets on both shoulders and two pockets on the front. It's comfortable. The leather is rather thin and wouldn't be something I would purchase myself because the quality is mediocre. But heck, who can turn away a free shirt that fits?

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