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Langlitz Competition Breeches

These leather motorcycle breeches are made by Langlitz, the top-line maker of motorcycle gear in the USA.

These are the Competition riding breeches. According to the Langlitz catalog (the only print method that one can get information about their products because their website does not), these classic breeches were commonly worn by bikers of the 50s and 60s for both off-road and sport riding. For me, I like them because they are are traditional breeches with the narrow leg opening and come down only to the ankle to accommodate tall boots over them.

These breeches are made of medium weight cowhide. They have four pockets, two in front and two in back, and 10-inch leg zips at the bottom of each leg to ensure they fit well inside boots. They are lined with heavy-duty lining.

I bought these breeches with a padded pocket Columbia jacket as a personal treat in late 2016. I did not order the padded, quilted verson of these breeches because they are already very thick, and it would be impossible to fit that extra thickness of leather into tall boots.

Note: I made a huge mistake by asking Langlitz to leave the zippers on the front pockets off. Generally, I don't like zippers over pockets because the zipper teeth scratch my hands when going into and out of pockets. However, without the zippers, the pockets pucker open and you can see the pocket lining. I regret, but will have to return the breeches to Langlitz to have the zippers added to those pockets. I wish they told me that when I was discussing that option when I confirmed my order.

This is the 10-inch zipper at the bottom of each leg to faciliate tapering the breeches to fit inside tall boots.

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