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LAPD Leather Breeches

Disclaimer: I am not a sworn law enforcement officer. I may wear these breeches by themselves in public and out on my Harley. However, I will not wear its complimenting shirt with patches in public. When worn all together as a uniform, it is worn purely for leather fetish interests of my own and never in the State of California.

These are my LAPD leather breeches that goes with my full leather uniform. I bought this leather gear, customized to fit me, at 665 Leather of West Hollywood, California (Los Angeles). The service was superb and the quality of their leather garments is outstanding.

These leather breeches are incredible in their quality and fit. The legs taper to narrow, zipper-closed finished ends, so they fit comfortablly inside tall patrol boots. The leather is thick yet soft. There are reflective stripes down the side of each leg. They are midnight blue -- almost navy blue -- in color and the LAPD Leather shirt that goes with the breeches is the same color.

Perforated Leather Shirt Perforated Leather Shirt

Also see closer pics of the full uniform and the shirt

LAPD Uniform

Leather Uniform
LAPD Shirt

Leather Shirt

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