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Plain Black Leather Jeans

I am a man who likes to wear leather as I go about my daily life. A pair of simple, plain black leather jeans is a frequent choice of mine when I look for comfort, style, and durability. And trust me, no one notices if you wear leather jeans. I wear these jeans often when I go to the store, whether or not I use my Harley to get there.

These leather jeans are made of medium-weight (6oz - 7oz) drum-dyed full grain cowhide. They have a snap fly and regular hemmed ends. I wear them over boots (unlike breeches designed to be worn inside boots). These pants are not lined, so you feel the leather grain on your legs, which is a great feeling. I bought them from Mr. S. Leather of San Francisco, California, USA, in January, 2014.

On Market Street in San Francisco, the day I bought these jeans

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