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2005 - 2017

In 2004, my (then) partner (now husband) tripped over a pair of boots in the bedroom and exclaimed, "you don't even know how many pairs of boots you have, or whether you'll even wear them!"

I could not disagree. I thought it was time to take an inventory of my boots and develop an electronic catalog of my cowboy boots and my motorcycle boots. Thus began my quest to develop this website and teach myself how to write code that powers a website.

I first began by using my home Internet Service Provider's "free" web space. That service had an HTML code-writing tool, so all I had to do was upload some pictures, write some descriptions, and my site was going live. However, by mid 2005, I realized that the "free" service was slow, hard to use, and wrote cumbersome code. At the advice of founders Larry Kenney and his husband Bill, I bought the domain "" and began learning how to write my own code and upload everything onto my own site.

Over time, the following happened:

This website remains an interesting hobby. I still am using it to keep track of the boots in my vast collection. I also use it to describe how motorcycle leather gear functions.

The website has morphed into an information anthology with guides, pictorial descriptions, and information about my boots and gear. As of December 2016, about 2,400 unique visitors look at pages on this site each day. Most of them find my site via search engines. What was first developed as a personal boot inventory system has changed to a boot and gear information resource, and I'm proud of that. This website remains, however, a personal hobby and was not developed to compete with any other site out there, derive advertising revenue, or try to sell stuff.

I hope you enjoy your visits to my website.

Website Statistics
Year Boots Active Inventory Pages on site Images Posted
2005 100 200  
2006 118 234  
2007 127 251  
2008 140 294 4,784
2009 153 382 6,154
2010 172 806 7,370
2011 193 670 8,062
2012 200 770 9,392
2013 206 797 9,611
2014 216 882 10,657
2015 229 957 11,823
2016 252 972 12,552

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