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Booted Harleydude
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Some stats about the guys pictured here: Partners
  • Booted Harleydude (BHD), owner of this website, is the beefy guy.
  • BikerBeef (BB) is just shy of 6' tall, weight proportionate to height, five years older than BHD, brown eyes, goatee, cute butt.
  • We met on April 25, 1993, when the club we both recently joined participated in the March on Washington in Washington, DC, USA. We will never forget the minute we met -- BB came out of a room a the club President's house, extended his hand, shook BHD's, and said, "Hi, I'm (BB)". BHD returned the handshake, and said, "Hi, I'm (BHD)". We spent the whole day together talking and getting to know one another, and during the march, kissed each other in front of the White House. We went our separate ways that evening; didn't have our first real "date" until the next weekend, which began with a romantic home-cooked meal, a night together, and then a long two-up motorcycle ride the next day.
  • We weren't really looking for a mate or a partner. It just happened, but then again, we wanted to make it work. We share a lot of common values and interests. We also are different enough that we appreciate learning from one another. BHD is from a huge family, BB is from a very small one. BHD has a cosmopolitan diplomatic background, BB is from a working-class steel town. BHD has lived in Europe and traveled the world; BB traveled (at the time we met) to just a few states in the U.S. We are both college educated, financially secure, future-oriented, and self-sufficient. Neither of us wanted a dependent or subservient partner. We wanted—and have—a 50-50 partnership with mutual respect for each other's talents, skills, abilities, and challenges.
  • We lived apart for our first five years, spending only weekends and vacations together until we decided to make things permanent. After looking at the used-home market, we decided to build a house in the Maryland 'burbs of DC, where BHD grew up. BB moving to Maryland liberated him from Virginia where the politics about our relationship are downright hateful. Maryland is much more accepting and tolerant, and commutable to Washington, DC, though we seldom go into the city any more. Neither of us are city kids, and did not want to live in the federal District of Columbia, which has taxation without representation in Congress, more noise, and higher taxes.
  • We were legally married on April 4, 2013, in the courthouse of the county where we live in the Free State of Maryland. (Photos below)
  • Now that you know a bit more about us, here are some pics. Enjoy.

    In our back yard on a sunny afternoon, February 2017

    New Years, 2016

    At Christmas, 2014

    BB is a hunk! (January, 2015)

    On our own "leather weekend" (same time as MAL, but at home)

    In our back yard, November, 2015

    In our back yard, November, 2014

    In our back yard, November, 2013

    In our back yard, November, 2012

    Pics taken on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012

    Pics taken showing my spouse enjoying a leather jock that I bought him for Christmas, 2011

    Pics taken on my spouse's birthday in November, 2011

    Pics taken on July 18, 2009, hanging out on our deck at night.

    Pics taken on February 16, 2009, hanging around in full leather.

    Pics of BikerBeef taken on July 29, 2007, around our yard.

    Pics taken for Valentine's Day February 14, 2007:

    Motorcycle Boots

    Work Boots

    Cowboy Boots

    Dress Boots

    Motorcycle Gear