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Down the Garden Path

A photo journal from start to finish

Our back yard is fully wooded. We cleared out the underbrush and built some raised beds, and then decided to build a 200' x 4' meandering pathway through it.

Commencing in 2003, we mixed 90+ bags of cement and only poured about ten solid blocks. We decided to heck with the concrete.

In '04 and '05, life intervened and we didn't accomplish much other than talk about it alot.

In Spring 2006, we discovered EP Henry Devonstone and Navastone pavers that were thin enough to work with the foundation we had to work with (tree roots prevented digging a deep foundation) yet thick enough they won't crack with extreme temperature changes.

Following is a photo essay of doing some of the paving work, then a walk through the path. Come join us for a walk through our backyard retreat on our completed paved pathway.


Tour of finished pathway

Some pics taken of our path, lighted at night

Thank you for walking with us. We hope you enjoyed your visit. Come again!

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