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Ad Tec Boots

Ad Tec boots are made by Hypard Trading Corporation. The company is located in City of Industry, California, USA. It has been in business since 1981. Hypard sells boots under these brand names: ADTEC (Work Boots, Uniform, Safety Industry Shoe), TECS (Hunting Shoes, Hikers, Athletics, and Waterproof Shoes), SAFA (Safety Industry Shoe), RIDE TECS ( Western Boots); ROCSOC, AQUA TECS and SHABOOM (Water Sport Shoe).

Styles of boots made: work boots, uniform boots, logging boots, western-styled boots and motorcycle boots.

Value: Ad Tec boots present a moderate to poor value. The boots are constructed of moderate quality leather and materials. The boots are made in China using machine methods. Many of the boots have glued soles instead of soles that are sewn on, which means that the soles cannot be replaced if worn or damaged.

Age-old-advice: “you get what you pay for.” and “caveat emptor.”

Availability: These boots are available from licensed vendors on various boot vendor websites.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in selected brick-and-mortar stores or from third-party websites.

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