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Allen Edmonds Boots

(From company website): Allen Edmonds has been handcrafting fine welted “Made in the USA” shoes and boots since 1922. They follow the same 212-step manufacturing process invented by Elbert W. Allen and Bill “Pops” Edmonds when they opened their first factory on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin nearly a century ago.

Update, October 2017: Most Allen Edmonds shoes and boots are made in the USA. However, as of October 2017, it was very unfortunate to see this note on some of their newer boots: “Proudly handcrafted in the Dominican Republic.”

This is how to tell the location of manufacture – visit the page of the shoe or boot on the Allen Edmonds website and scroll down to “details” as shown in this image to the right. That image is a screen shot from the Allen Edmonds website (October, 2017) showing details about their “Vancouver boot” – not a Canadian product, just the use of the city's name for sales and marketing purposes.

Ouch! The company was purchased by a private equity firm, Brentwood Associates of Los Angeles in 2013. It was bought by St. Louis-based Caleres, Inc., in December 2016. Caleres (formerly Brown Shoe Co.) owns Famous Footwear, Naturalizer, and some other brands.

Keep an eye on the quality of the products offered, as history indicates that when large conglomerates own shoe/boot manufacturers, the quality of products declines with off-shore manufacturing as has occurred due to the Caleres takeover. Sad to see this happen – a fall from grace for a once-famous USA-only brand.

Styles of boots made: short dress boots. Most of this company's products are typical clone-type dress shoes.

Value: USA-made Allen Edmonds boots present good value for the price paid. Boots made in the DR (or other countries) are not of the same quality, so the opinion of the author of this page is that these products are not a good value.

USA-made boots are constructed of superb quality leather and materials. Boots made outside the U.S. – jury is out regarding quality and materials. Craftsmanship by cheap underpaid labor. Caleres is profit-taking by taking production overseas and using cheaper labor, yet selling their product at the same price point as a U.S.-made product.

That is the ugly side of conglomerates buying U.S. brands and sending once highly regarded products offshore for production. Other examples of this situation is Frye Boots, once U.S.-made and now made by a China-based conglomerate, Li & Fung. Another example are Harley-Davidson branded boots, once made by Wolverine USA, but now made in China when Wolverine was bought out by a conglomerate, as well.

Availability: Allen Edmonds shoes and boots are available directly from the company via its stores or authorized shoe vendors, as well as on-line.

Customer experience: The author of this website/wiki owns several pairs of USA-made Allen Edmonds short dress boots. These boots run true-to-size and look great with dress slacks, jacket-and-tie, or suits. The more rugged “Sturgis” boots are moderately toned down to wear with jeans or even while riding a motorcycle because they have Vibram soles that provide excellent traction. The higher-end “First Avenue” and “Dalton” boots are stylish and look great with a suit, but are pricey. Wait for periodic sales before purchasing Allen Edmonds boots.

Custom sizing: Not available, but the boots can be remanufactured (resoled and repaired) by the company.

How to order: Visit a company store or authorized retailer that you can find on their website (see below.)

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