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Charlie 1 Horse Boots

These boots are made by Lucchese Boots and are a division of Arena Brands. Update (January 2013): boots in this line made by Lucchese Boots are now called, “Lucchese Since 1883 International.”

Styles of boots made: cowboy boots.

Value: Charlie 1 Horse Boots present moderate value the price paid. The materials and construction of these boots are much like the 1883 Lucchese Boots and are not as good as the higher-end Lucchese Classic line.

Availability: Many licensed third-party vendors sell Charlie 1 Horse Boots. Any new boots with the “Charlie 1 Horse” label were made in 2012 or earlier.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in brick-and-mortar stores or from on-line vendors.

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