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What Kind of Boots Do Cops Wear

Law enforcement officers wear different kinds of boots, depending on the work that they do.

Motorcycle Police Officers (“Motormen” “Bike Cops” “Motor Officers”) usually wear tall (17“ - 18”) boots made of smooth leather, most often made of calfskin or cowhide. Patrol officers take pride in their boots and keep them shined, because the appearance of their boots complements their uniform, and often is the first thing that the public admires when they see a motor officer. The boots conform to the foot and leg, and are worn with breeches which fit well inside the boot.

Patrol Boots are used for protection while riding a motorcycle. They usually have rubber, tread, or Vibram® soles for grip while riding on the road and helping the officer to maintain control of the motorcycle while stopped. The boots take a lot of wear, when cops ride and walk or run when doing their duties.

The boots may have a dress instep, meaning there are no laces and the foot is smooth leather. Or the boots may have laces at the instep. These boots are called bal-laced boots.

Most law enforcement units that have motor patrol officers usually specify a style of police patrol boot for their officers to wear while on duty, but the units may not specify a specific manufacturer. The units may provide a uniform allowance which an officer can apply toward purchase of the uniform and boots. If the allowance is limited, as many are, officers may opt for less expensive boots that meet uniform specifications of the unit to which he/she is assigned.

Manufacturers of Police Patrol Boots include Alden, All American, Chippewa, Dehner, Wesco, and others.

Foot Patrol Officers may wear boots, as well. Usually they wear short tactical boots that are from 6“ to 8” tall and are made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials. The boots usually have an appearance that looks like a running shoe. The soles are usually rubber and are thick enough to provide traction as well as comfort. Patrol officers spend a lot of time on their feet, so comfortable footwear is a priority.

It is customary for law enforcement officers to have two or three pairs of boots. They will rotate, or change boots, each day so that perspiration that has absorbed into the insole and lining can evaporate. Wearing a different pair of boots every day extends the life of the boots.

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