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Dainese Boots

Dainese was established in 1972 in Italy by Lino Dainese, a 24-year-old motorcycle enthusiast driven by unbounded curiosity, a constant desire to experiment and a strong interest in contemporary art and design (quote from company website.)

80% of the company was purchased by Investcorp, an investment company, which gives suspicion that there is more profit motive than quality motive in the products.

The company also makes lines of protective motorcycle gear. The boots, however, are made with cheap materials and poor construction in third-party factories in China.

Styles of boots made: motocross and racing boots.

Value: Dainese boots present moderate-to-poor value for the price paid because the boots are constructed of poor quality materials and workmanship.

Availability: These boots are available from various licensed third-party retailers and directly from the company via its website.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in selected brick-and-mortar stores or from third-party websites or the company's website.

company website (note, the website uses Flash and requires broadband access to view properly. It is slow to load, even with very high-speed internet.)

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