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Hispar Boots

Hispar Boots are also sold under the brand name of “Raven Patrol Boots” or “M2B Boots” for Men. The boots began to appear on and eBay in the middle of 2009. The boots are sold through a third-party based in Houston, Texas, USA, but are made in Pakistan.

Booted Harleydude bought a pair of harness patrol boots to try them out. In his opinion, the leather is cheap, the soles are thin, and there are features found on other boots that are missing from these boots:

* No buckle at the top of the shaft

* No back stay which will keep the boots from flopping at the ankle after they are broken in

* Very small interior boot pulls, so they are not easy to pull on using boot hooks.

* The soles are made of neoprene – a cheap rubber product that is not oil resistant. The traction of these soles is poor.

The boots are made from inferior quality materials and use cheap labor to assemble them. The assembly is poor; they fall apart rather quickly and cannot take regular use while operating a motorcycle without becoming damaged rather quickly.

It takes a while to get the boots, because they have to be shipped from Pakistan and go through customs of the importing country. The company does not have a good track record of communication with customers regarding estimated shipping time or follow-ups.

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