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Holick's Boots

Holick's Boots is a family-owned bootmaker located in Bryan, Texas (USA). This town is adjacent to the Texas A&M University campus. Joseph Holick founded the company in approximately 1888 by making short lace-up boots. This company, however, is most renown for making the tall “Aggie Boot,” the boots worn by seniors in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. The tall Aggie Boot, the way it looks now, was not a part of the A&M cadet uniform until the late 20s and was fashioned after the US Cavalry “Rough Riders” boots. The “Aggie Boot” is still handcrafted by Holick's boots to this day. These boots are widely admired around the world for their design and appearance. It is possible to order a pair of these boots from Holick's, but be prepared to wait years to get them.

Styles of boots made: men's tall equestrian (or cavalry) style boots.

Value: Holick's boots present good value for the price paid, though these boots are exceptionally expensive (as of November, 2012, the boots retail for US$2,000 per pair to people who are not cadets at Texas A&M University). The boots are constructed of exceptional quality french calf leather and materials using hand processes in every step. The boots are made only in Holick's shop in Bryan, Texas, USA.

Availability: Directly from the vendor only. These boots are not available in brick and mortar stores or from on-line third-party retailers.

Custom sizing: All Holick's boots are custom sized.

How to order: Contact Holick's Boots (see website) or visit the shop in Bryan, Texas.

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