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John Lobb Boots

John Lobb boots are made by the John Lobb, Ltd., of London, England. High-fashion, elegant dress ankle boots have been made under that label since 1866. In 1976, John Lobb Ltd. was purchased by Hermes of Paris, France, but still operates as John Lobb on the world market.

Styles of boots made: ready-to-wear ankle dress boots. (Actually, the footwear is in the design of a shoe with slightly higher leather on the rear and foot of approximately 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8cm). Most men who wear boots would not classify this footwear as true boots, but they are not of shoe-height, so the label “boot” is applied.

Value: John Lobb boots and shoes are made of excellent quality leather or exotic skins using hand-made with machine-assisted processes. The value of what one gets when he buys a pair of John Lobb boots or shoes is measured by the perceived value of the label, rather than the value of materials used to make the footwear.

Availability: From a few John Lobb botiques in international world cities. See website.

Custom sizing: this is called “bespoke” service. See website for details.

How to order: Available from brick-and-mortar John Lobb boutiques.

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