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Legendary Boots

The Legendary Boot Company is based in El Paso, Texas. The company was started by Bob McLean in 2009. Previously, Mr. McLean was the master bootmaker for J. B. Hill Boot Company, also of El Paso. He has been making boots since 1978. He makes boots by hand the old-fashioned way, without computers or machines. Each pair of boots is custom made.

Styles of boots made: traditional cowboy boots.

Value: Legendary boots are of superb value and are made with excellent craftsmanship. These boots are among the most expensive for custom cowboy boots, but you get what you pay for: great boots with lasting value. Various hides are available, from traditional calf and cowhide to exotics such as alligator, ostrich, and lizard. You can have almost anything created in a pair of boots, from various colors to hides to heights to toe/heel styles.

Availability: These boots are available from the company directly only. (See website.)

Custom sizing: Only custom boots are available – no “stock” boots are made.

How to order: Contact the company directly.

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