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Can Damaged Dehner Police Patrol Boots Be Repaired?

Stock Dehner motorcycle police patrol boots are made of two materials: leather for the foot and “Dehcord,” which is a type of plastic, for the shaft.

The usual damage to stock Dehner boots is melting and discoloring related to exposure to heat.

The plastic Dehcord material turns dark gray and dull when exposed to hot motorcycle pipes. It melts at a relatively low temperature, and may cause the boots to become misshaped. Cigarette or cigar ashes may even cause the Dehcord material to melt.

If the melt mark is small, you may be able to return some of the lustre by spraying the affected area with premium furniture polish and wiping it with a cotton towel until the boot shines again. (This is the most common method to shine the boot shaft of stock Dehner boots).

If the melt mark is large, deep, or has caused a hole to form in the Dehcord material, there really is not much that can be done. One motor officer in Florida has said that he has used black epoxy enamel. He said that he filled the hole with the epoxy material, and let it dry. He then used sandpaper with an extra fine grit (280 - 320) to smooth out the hardened epoxy material. He applied more black epoxy to fill holes that were missed at first, let dry, and sanded again. He then applied a soft black shoe wax (Kiwi) and buffed the spot. While the spot was still noticeable, it was better than before.

The best way to ensure that Dehcord on stock Dehner boots is not damaged is not to expose it to heat, including hot motorcycle pipes, cigarettes, cigars, or even standing near an open flame. If Dehner boots become wet, do not put them in an oven or other hot area to dry. The best place to let wet boots dry out is near a hot water heater, provided air circulates naturally in the area (or a fan is turned on to circulate air. Do not use a hair dryer.)

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