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Rocketbuster Boots

The company that makes Rocketbuster boots was started in 1989 and is based in El Paso, Texas. It is a family-run business. The company owner is proud of making boots with outstanding and noticeable design elements of bold colors, inlays, and creative applications of leather tooling. Each pair of boots is unique.

Production is limited to about 400 pairs of boots per year, made by hand in this company's small shop. The wait time for a new pair of Rocketbuster boots is from four to six months.

Styles of boots made: cowboy boots

Value: Rocketbuster Boots present good value for the price paid. The boots are constructed of high quality leather and materials. The boots are hand-crafted.

Availability: Rocketbuster boots are available only from the manufacturer at the shop in El Paso, Texas, or on-line.

Custom sizing: All Rocketbuster boots are custom sized.

How to order: Visit the company location in El Paso, Texas, call, or order on-line.

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