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Roper Boots

Roper Boots are both a design style of cowboy boots and a brand name. This section is about the brand of boots under the name “Roper Boots”

Roper Apparel and Footwear is based in Aurora, Colorado. It is owned by Karman, Inc., which is a designer, distributor, and manufacturer of western wear products under the names Roper Apparel and Footwear, and Stetson Apparel and Boots. Karman's world wide distribution of western clothing appeals to people who enjoy the western culture, from cowboys and ranchers to hunters and sportsmen. Roper brand boots are made overseas (likely country of origin is China).

Styles of boots made: roper-style (short) cowboy boots.

Related lines: Stetson Boots

Value: Roper boots present moderate value for the price paid. They are constructed of moderate quality leather and materials using machine-made processes.

Availability: Some licensed third-party vendors sell Roper Boots.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in brick-and-mortar stores or from on-line vendors.

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