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Undandy Boots

According to the Undandy website, “Undandy was founded in 2015 by two Portuguese entrepreneurs who decided it was time to unleash the creative genius inside every man by offering shoe aficionados the ability to design their dream shoes.” The company is based in Portugal, a country with a long tradition of experienced and talented craftsmen.

Styles of boots made: short dress boots. (The company also makes dorky dress shoes.)

Value: Undandy boots present good value for the price paid. The boots are constructed of good quality leather sourced in Portugal or Europe.

Availability: Undandy Boots are available directly from the company via its website.

Custom sizing: Not available, but the boots can be designed with different types of leathers for a custom-look creation.

How to order: Visit the company website (only – no stores or third-party retailers). Shipping is by DHL worldwide (but not free.)

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