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Wilcox Boots

Wilcox Boot Company was founded in 2014 by a guy who, in his words, “found myself motorcycling south of Mexico, sidelined by a rainstorm. I was forced to stop off in a small town. As luck would have it, this was no ordinary place. This small leatherworking town - or bump in the road - was where the urge to produce a better boot found roots. ”

The place he found was León, Mexico, the bootmaking capital of the world. He spent a year and a half designing a boot that met his standards, and contracted with a bootmaker in Mexico to produce his line of boots.

(Similar approach as by Ranch Road Boots).

Styles of boots made: short casual motorcycle boots.

Value: Wilcox Boots present great value for the price paid. The boots are constructed of good quality leather sourced in Mexico and are made in Leon, Mexico.

Availability: Wilcox Boots are available directly from the company via its website.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Visit the company website (only – no stores or third-party retailers).

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