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All American 401
Firefighter Boots

These boots are made by the All American Boot Mfg, Inc., located in Sun Valley, California, USA. The boot is model number 401.

The boots are OSHA compliant, heat-resistant, and have a Vibram 100F (fire-resistant) lug sole. They are 9" tall and have a padded ankle collar and built-in cushion insole. The toe style is called "oblique." It is a box-style toe instead of rounded.

The boots are built in the station-boot style, meaning that they have a boot zipper down the middle that is laced in on both sides to adjust to the wearer's foot. (Instructions on how to lace a zipper into station boots is here on the Boots Wiki.)

I choose to wear boots like this (and my Chippewa Firefighter Boots) when riding my Harley in hot weather. The boots are comfortable and do not get hot, so they are a great choice as tactical boots with good traction required for heavyweight motorcycle operation.

This video gives a demonstration about how to lace this style of boot with a boot zipper.

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