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Muddin' Boots

From time to time, I've been known to get a pair of Boots kinda muddy. Pix of those boots, when that happens, are displayed below and on a related page about Mudded Chippewa Engineer Boots.

Pictured below are:

  • A very old pair of Sears brand 17" Engineer Boots, bought from the Sears catalog when I was just emerging as a Bootman. These have been mudded several times, cleaned up, and then mudded again. They were cheap, as I recall, but back in the day when an emerging Bootman was lookin' for his first pair of Engineer Boots, these were easy to come by without Mom finding out.
  • Circa 1980 H-D harness boots. Just somethin’ about them meant muddin’.
  • An old beat-up pair of Code West Dark Brown Cowboy Boots. These boots saw a lot of mud while out on a horse in Oklahoma, and more back here in the East where I live now.

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