Booted Harleydude

A Guy Into Boots, Leather, and Motorcycling

aka "Rick" a guy into suits and dress shoes, too

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I am Booted Harleydude (aka "BHD" or Rick). Welcome to my personal website and my blog.

I am just your average guy-next-door who enjoys living in the Maryland 'burbs north and west of Washington, DC. I enjoy motorcycling, boots, leather, and men's dresswear. I think of myself as a "gentle mentor" and am happy to guide guys who are exploring interests in motorcycling, current motorcycle riding gear, as well as boots, shoes, and leather.

Since I retired from full-time work in 2019, I keep busy serving my career profession and my community as a volunteer. I also travel for photo adventures in the USA and Canada.

I have ridden motorcycles since 1978. That explains the large motorcycle boot collection and variety of motorcycle gear and leathers that I have written guides for for motorcycle riding as well as leather fetish wear.

I am a cowboy at heart. I have ridden horses since I was a kid growing up in Southeastern Oklahoma and iron horses since college. That explains the large cowboy boot collection. Having grown up in boots, I have an extensive list of boot reviews on my boot wiki knowledgebase.

Boots, leather, shoes and suits are an avocation, but aren't all who I am. I pull on my work boots to do work around the house and help out family, friends, and neighbors with home repairs and small construction projects.

I wore dress boots and shoes with business attire, including suits, to work. Nowadays I wear business suits and dress shoes rather often because they are comfortable. Dress clothes are comfortable in warm weather, while full leather is comfortable when it's cold.

This website was created to help me catalog and index my boot collection, shoe collection, motorcycle gear, fetish leather gear, Men's Business Suits, and to share my avocation.

I was married to the love-of-my-life and lived our marriage vows until my husband's untimely death in January 2021.

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