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Tecovas Boots
Austin Black Alligator

I bought these boots in June, 2019, from the company website. These boots caught my eye. I had always wanted a pair of genuine alligator belly boots.

These boots are Size 11.0D. They are made from American Alligator belly and are hand-lasted with an angled heel, calfskin shaft, and a strip-style construction in lieu of traditional piping.

The color is labeled as "midnight," which is really black. These boots go well with dress clothes I wear to the office as well as denim jeans.

The boots are 12 inches tall, have a 1-1/2 inch heel, all leather sole, round toe with a scalloped shaft. They are made in Mexico by an unknown contracted source. However, the natural welted and pegged construction shows care and quality. The leather is quite soft and comfortable to wear without break-in required.

Note: I ordered them a full size larger than my usual boot size. My first pair of Tecovas boots were tight on my legs and uncomfortable on my feet because they felt a bit too small. These boots in a larger size are very comfortable.

Pegged sole -- a sign of quality boot construction

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