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Breaking in Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer Boots

I have had a pair of these boots for years and like them very much. My pair of these boots is featured at this link and on real Motorcycle Cops here. They are comfortable, durable, and look great.

My Spouse, BikerBeef liked them so much, he was given a pair for Christmas 2005.

But wait! He said they were "too stiff" so they needed breaking in. Since I wear boots all the time, all day long, I said I'd be happy to do that. The following pics are of these boots during the break-in period.

1. Breakfast Boots

2. Waterproof test on a rainy morning

3. Put it out and go back in.

4. Fixing the Harley

5. Goin' for a ride on the Harley

6. Attending a Hot Boots party in Washington DC during Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2006.

7. Some fun

8. No, you can't have 'em back!

9. Kiss & Make up

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