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Chippewa Motor Patrol Boots

I have three pair of these 17" patent leather boots. I bought one pair in 1995 that were large on me, and another in 1998 that are a size smaller and fit better. The 1990s editions came with crappy soles (see below). The version that I bought in 2015 (shown here) have much better Vibram soles on them.

The formal name is "Chippewa Trooper Boots 27950". They have a bal-laced instep and a lace fitting on each side of the boot shaft's gusset. Note: Motor officers generally do not wear these boots. Click here for my Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots for an explanation.

While the boots are fairly inexpensive and present a nice appearance because they keep a good shine, they get hot because they are made of patent leather and don't breathe. Also, the "Alpha" soles (see pic below) of the pre-2015 version of these boots have a low melting point and tend to cause black marks on hot motorcycle pipes. I may wear these boots with leather to some events, but not on my motorcycle, and definitely not in full sun. They fit well with leather breeches or pants tucked into them.

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