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Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer
Vibram® Lug-Soled Boots 2

I was credited for inspiring requests for Vibram 100 lug soles on Chippewa Hi-Shine (model 71418) engineer boots when I arranged to get lug soles put on these boots in 2009 (Photos of that pair of boots at this link).

I got a pair of these boots to wear to a police motorcycle riding competition in August, 2013, to promote these boots to cops. Lots of them noticed and asked me about them.

These boots are 17 inches tall, made of all leather, are fully leather lined, and have a steel toe. The Vibram 100 lug soles provide supreme traction while operating my Harley. The boots are very comfortable and look great.

Harley Road King
Harley Road King
Harley Road King Harley Road King

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