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19" Custom Dress Instep
Dehner Boots

These Dehner boots were made custom. They have a dress instep (no laces), and a Vibram® 100R big lug sole. They are 19" tall, so they come just to my knees, and have a large enough calf size to wear with leather, too. The French Calf Leather on the foot and shafts is superb, but costly. These are the most expensive boots in my Motorcycle Boot collection. They're great with a Uniform of leather or cloth and for use while riding my Harley. These boots are so dressy that I have worn them to work from time to time. They're great with a dress shirt, tie, and pants over them.

However, the reason why I have rated these Boots a "3" (uncomfortable) on my Boot Comfort Scale is that they have a bad "break" at the ankle, causing the boots to rub the back of my ankles and cause blisters and sores. See close-ups of this sitution below.

Dress Dehner Boots Dress Dehner Boots

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The "bad break" at my ankle

To manage this situation, I wrap moleskin around my ankles and then put on thick socks over them. Even with that, the boots rub my ankles so I can't wear them if I have to walk very much.

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