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Harley-Davidonson Elson Boots

These boots are made with the Harley-Davidson label by some unknown low-bid contractor in China.

These boots about eight inches (8") tall. The boots lace through five holes to four upper speed laces. No need for speedlacing as these boots also come with side zippers for easy-on, easy-off.

Typical of Harley-branded products, there are Harley-Davidson markings all over the boots -- both sides, metal emblems in the lacing and on the top left/right of each boot, and imprinted branding as well on both sides and an orange plug in the sole. Can't miss the branding.

The sole is 1.75 inches in height. The sole is not made by Vibram, but is made from lightweight polyurethane. The sole is claimed to be oil- and slip-resistant in a big lug pattern.

I wore them around the house to break them in, and my feet got hot. I wore them on a ride on a mild day (60F/15.5C) and my feet got cold from air introduced through the gusset and tongue. With no windproofing, these boots would not be a good idea to have on if caught in the rain, either.

My overall opinion: these boots are made-in-China crap. Not soon after I wore them on a ride, some of the threads on the vamp of both boots began to break. I only got these boots through a trial arrangement with a vendor. They are definitely NOT worth the US$200 MSRP.

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