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Intapol Motorcycle Police Boots

I bought a pair of these boots for my partner as an anniversary gift. He likes zippers on the back of boot shafts, and got a pair for myself, too. They are made and priced to compete with the variety of motorcycle police patrol boots on the market. This pair of boots was made in Brazil. Current Intapol patrol boots are made in India.

They are 18" tall and are made of all leather. They have a rubber tread sole with 1/2" heels. They also have traditional bal-laced insteps and laced side closures on the side of the boot shafts. The zippers and zipper pulls on the back of the boot shafts as they came were cheap nylon and had to be replaced so I can wear them when riding my Harley-Davidson motorcyle. I bought them from Intapol Industries of New Jersey. Shipping was quick -- I ordered them on a Friday on the Internet and they arrived the next Tuesday. If you intend to wear them with leather, I recommend ordering them in extra wide.

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