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16" Unlined
Wesco Harness Boots

I bought these Wesco harness boots from Mr. S. Leather in San Francisco in 1994 for US$195. These boots are 16 inches tall, and are unlined. They have a Vibram 100 lug sole. I wore them a lot while riding my motorcycle.

I moved to a new house in 1998, and these boots got packed into a box and forgotten, only to be rediscovered in May, 2012, when my partner cleaned out a closet.

The boots still fit, and look as masculine and rugged as always. I am not sure what the markings are on the leather -- it's not what you think it is. I think the leather was damaged when they were stored in a hot attic for 14 years. I have returned these boots to my stable of motorcycle boots.

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