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Vintage Frye Boots

Frye boots were the cool boots to have and wear when I was in high school and college in the '70s. I bought my first pairs of Fryes in 1970 and continued to buy them until the early '90s. I have 10 pairs of Frye Boots in my current collection. (I had as many as 20 pairs in the past, but have sold some vintage Fryes that no longer fit me.)

Unfortunately, the John A. Frye Shoe Company of Marlborough, Massachusetts, which made these boots since the 1890s was sold in 1987 and a series of owners since then. Bootmaking was outsourced to various third-party manufacturers, including some in the USA, Mexico, Spain, and China in 2003 and quality suffered significantly when that happened.

The history of the company is interesting. I have documented it at this link.

Pictured below is a sample of each of the various Frye boots that I own. Click on the picture or the words to the right to view more images of that style of boot.

Banana Campus Frye Boots
Style #2556
Oiled Campus Frye Boots
Style #2556
Banana Square-toed Frye Boots
Style #2512
Russet Frye Frye Boots
Style #2934
Brown Frye Harness Boots
Style #2225
(two pairs)
Walnut Frye Harness Boots
Style #2225
Black Frye Harness Boots
Style #2226
(two pairs)
Black Frye Harness Motorcycle Boots
Style #87350
Lug-soled Frye Campus Boots
Style #87290
Tan Suede Frye Harness Boots
Style #2228

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