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German Police
MCP Breeches

These are all leather motorcycle breeches made in Germany by I took advantage of a favorable dollar-to-Euro conversion rate when I ordered these breeches in November, 2015. They arrived in just three weeks from when I placed the on-line order.

These breeches are padded in the knees and seat for comfort and protection, but are tight in the crotch. The leather quality is good. The construction is moderate -- it could be better. The first time I wore these breeches on my motorcycle, the single-stitched seam in the crotch broke open. I had to triple-stich the seam closed again.

There are double white side stripes down each leg. There are two zip pockets in the front and two in the back. I opted out of having a zipper "in the arse" which is for purposes I know what is for, but I would rather not consider. To me, these are leather motorcycle breeches and are used that way.

The crotch closure is the typical German double-zip, which looks good and works well. There are also zippers on the legs to open them for wear over boots if you want to wear them that way. However, when zipped closed, the opening at the bottom of the legs is plenty wide enough to fit over boots anyway.

I like these leather pants, now that they are broken in and fit well.

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