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Langlitz Padded Pocket Columbia Jacket

This is a padded pocket Columbia Jacket made by Langlitz Leathers of Portland, Oregon, the top-line maker of motorcycle leathes in the USA.

This is the first style of motorcycle jacket designed by Langlitz Leathers since the 1940s. It has a classic styling and many function features that bikers find useful.

This jacket is made of medium-weight cowhide. It features an offset heavy-duty front zipper with a bottom snap. Belt loops accommodate a fully-functional (not glued end-straps) Sam Brown belt are on the bottom of the jacket.

There are 10 pockets on this jacket -- on the outside: two hand, chest, watch, left biceps, right forearm; and on the inside: an open map, zippered wallet, leather lined gun, and hidden armpit pocket. The jacket has a dress collar that snaps down to prevent flapping in the wind.

Epaulets and shoulder pads complete the ultimate and complete look of this terrific jacket.

I bought this jacket with a pair of Langlitz competition breeches as a personal treat in late 2016.

Cool jacket design and features

Page about this jacket from the Langlitz catalog

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