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The Leathermaker Chaps

I bought my first motorcycle in 1977, and began my journey into the leatherman's world shortly thereafter. I saw an ad like the one pictured below, and it caused a stirring. Long before the internet made things so easy, I corresponded by mail with The Leathermaker (History about him here: who had a store on Melrose in Los Angeles. I provided measurements for a pair of custom black pebble-grain biker chaps with outside zippers. They also have a unique snap waist closure I haven't seen anywhere else.

Man, was I in heaven when I got them. I wore them all the time on the bike and when I began to explore having fun in them with another man. If you look closely, you'll see some damage on the left leg, caused by the only time I've taken a hard tumble off a motorcycle onto the street. These chaps saved my skin.

The chaps are tight now, and the zippers have seen better days. I can't wear them with jeans or leather any more. But they still feel great for playtime, especially tight around the boots (and other parts). My current-day version of a pair of chaps like these is shown here.

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